Where do you collect the hair and fur from?
  Jacob currently partner’s with one dog groomer and a number of hair salons. They save up their waste fur and hair for Jacob’s Project. This reduces their waste and also helps the environment.

Jacob’s Planet Project is supported by:
Precious Paws Dog Grooming in Martensville, SK
Salon DNA in Martensville, SK
J’s Creation’s in Saskatoon, SK
Hair Manor in Saskatoon, SK
Lindsey’s Studio Salon in Saskatoon, SK
Delish Salon in Osler, SK

What do you do with the hair and fur?
  The hair and fur is donated to the Clean Wave program established by the eco-charity Matter of Trust. Fur and hair is felted into oil-absorbing mats or made into sausage-shaped booms which are then used to help combat major oil spills and common motor oil contamination of waterways.
So far, Jacob’s Planet Project donations have been sent to Felt Crafts to make oil-absorbing mats that are being used by Inlet Guard in Garland, Texas in a pilot program where the mats are placed in storm drains to filter motor oil from run-off from the streets.

How did you get started doing this?
  In the Spring of 2015, Jacob was taking a session of classes with Engineering for Kids on Environmental Engineering. One of the lessons was on oil spill containment and clean-up. Each student had to design and test a solution using their choices from the materials offered. After showing his mom what he had done, she jokingly said that he could have cut off some of his hair to use. Jacob didn’t know human hair could be used in cleaning up oil spills. This was very interesting to him. When he got home after class he searched up some information about it and watched some videos and that’s where it all began. With the support and encouragement of Bill Lewis from Engineering for Kids, Jacob’s Planet Project was created.

How long have you been doing this?
  Jacob started collecting fur and hair in April 2015 at the age of 9. The first shipment went out in June of 2015. As of April 2017, 20 shipments with a total weight of 142 kg have been sent off.

How do you pay for the costs of shipping?
  Some of the fur and hair donors make a monetary donation to Jacob’s Planet Project to help cover the costs of shipping. Jacob also does fundraising, collecting recycling from friends and family and supporters of his project, as well as contributing some money from his paper route and his allowance. Jacob also receives some donations from enthusiastic supporters who hear about his project and want to contribute.

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